Welcome To CNS Pre-School

CNS provides innovative education which fallows an effective & child friendly curriculum by well-triained staff and friendly infrastructure .We have two branches, Located one at the Planet Millinium Soc.,Pimple Saudagar & one at Sindhu Park Soc.,Rahatani.

This is the first of the many posts to keep you informed with all the latest happening at CNS. We will add more content over the next coming months and keep you update with what your child is doing. Hope you like it and all suggestions are welcome.

Children need an environment that fosters physical, motor, social, emotional and intellectual development. They change very quickly especially during the early years of life and not all the children develop and reach the milestone at the same rate, but they do pass through the same stages. Our school develops a warm and responsive relationship where the child feels supported and secure.

Our school is an extension of your home” and a pace where your children would love to come day after day. With child-focused education programme, we endeavour to provide a strong foundation for a promising future. CNS Pre school is providing outstanding early-years education since 2006, and is continuing to do so with immense support from staff, and most important trust of parents.

CNS has 4 Classes :

Play Group

Age 2 to 3 Yrs

Wherein the Child’s gross Motor skills are developed.

Nursery class

Age 3 to 4 Yrs

Where the child’s fine motor skills,Socio-Emotional development and personal Awareness is developed.

Jr. KG class

Age 4 to 5 Yrs

Where along with fine motor skills, we teach writing alphabets both English & Hindi,Numbers and General knowledge.

Sr. KG class

Age 4 to 5 Yrs

Where the syllabus is concentrated on the overall development of the child and also writing and reading skills from which child is well equipped to study in any of the Educational Boards like CBSE, ICSE or State Board.